celebrates 15 years of service

May 28, 1997 was a Wednesday. On that day, published the first edition of the DailyDose. The internet was very different in 1997 with the medium being in its infancy. High speed internet was in the future and 14.4 (whatever that meant) was as fast as most people who were trying to create websites could go as far as speed. As unimaginable as it may seem today to being forced to deal with speeds like 14.4 and 28.8, a passion for excellence was born 15 years ago to deliver the latest and breaking sports business news.

On Saturday, Forbes released a list of the top 10 Influencers in The Business of Sports. Much to SBN’s pleasant surprise, yours truly Howard Bloom, was number five on that list. The list isn’t based on who has the most Twitter followers or who has the most likes on Facebook (SBN does not currently have a Facebook page, or the audience we can reach). Seemingly it is based on industry leaders who can influence how people look at the business of sports. began as an offshoot of Horizon Management. Back in 1997 Horizon, then as it is now, is a company focused on working with sports organizations to help in the producing of events, communications, sponsorship sales and fundraising. SBN’s clients wanted a web presence to help promote and market their events and properties. The DailyDose was created to help drive traffic to the websites Horizon Management had created for clients.

Canadian based CHUM media started an all-sports radio station in Ottawa in 1998. An opportunity to offer daily sports business commentary and a weekend sports magazine program offered SBN opportunities to create build and finally develop a brand. The short lived Team Radio network extended those opportunities. CHUM ended their Team Radio network in September 2002 and an association with Ottawa’s Team 1200 ended in February 2003.

When one door closes another door often opens. In January 2003 CTV, CBC and Canadian superstation CHCH opened the door for television commentary, bigger audiences than radio and a chance to continue to grow the brand.

Nine years later and hundreds of national television appearances television has offered SBN audiences that go so beyond what radio had offered for five years.

A few weeks ago Fred Wallin and Darren Kelly presented an exciting opportunity to yours truly. A return to regular radio, a syndicated program called SportsBiz Today. The show airs Monday to Friday from Noon to 1 PM debuted on May 21. The show is syndicated on CRN Digital Talk Radio, Passionate Talk Radio, Mile High Radio and a growing list of affiliate radio stations - mostly based in the United States (including one in New Zealand). The show can also be heard online at

It is very special to be honored by Forbes.

There are countless people to thank for their support. From day one meant a great deal to everyone who has contributed to our success. The DailyDose began publishing five days a week and quickly began offering one weekend edition. On August 2, 2004 in the midst Athens Olympic Games SBN became the first and only sports business publication to publish seven days a week, 365 days a year. The rationale is as simple today as it was on the eve of the 2004 Summer Olympics. The business of sports doesn’t take holidays, issues happen each and every day. Our readers deserve and have come to expect that kind of commitment.

The sports industry has grown tremendously as a business in the last 15 years. When began our journey 15 years ago, sports fans had little if any understanding as to what happened in the boardrooms of their favourite teams or sport.

Baseball fans remained focused on the 1994 strike that cancelled the World Series. Both the NBA and the NHL experienced prolonged labor work stoppages. In the late 1990’s sports franchises continued to believe they could hold communities hostage demanding stadiums and arenas be built at taxpayer expense. 15 years later taxpayer dollars are still be used to build stadiums and arenas but more than ever arenas and stadiums are now being built with both private and public dollars. will continue to try and be what Forbes sees in our efforts – a determined, committed and passionate commitment to excellence each and every day. We will continue to embrace our mission, to offer our readers and followers an understanding that what happens on a football field, on a baseball diamond, on a basketball court, on an ice rink, on a race track and in countless college sports facilities is determined by what happens off the field, through the business of sports.

For Sports Business News this is Howard Bloom